Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tongues Will Wag

That's the title of a one-man theater piece "about the eternal love affair between man and dog," to be performed tonight at 7 p.m. by Mike Daisey, an author and autobiographical monologuist who's earned critical praise from The New York Times and The New Yorker, and invited comparison to Spalding Gray, Robin Williams, Jack Black, Noam Chomsky, and Franz Kafka, among others.

Daisey himself names comedians Bill Cosby and Lewis Black as influences. Incidentally, both are dog lovers - as is Daisey, who lives in Brooklyn with his director and collaborator, Jean-Michele Gregory (who's also his wife) and the couple's dog.

"He's a small black pug named Baci," Daisey says. "He's a lean and leggy pug, the Naomi Campbell of pugs - if his needs are not expressly met he sometimes throws a cellphone at us. He certainly inspired tonight's show. [It's] about this dog and how he changed my relationship between my wife and me forever, and the humor that comes out of life with an alien creature in the house."

12:00 AM