Monday, January 07, 2008

Time Out New York: Radar love:

Some shows are newer, such as Mike Daisey’s monologue How Theater Failed America. “This will be its first performance ever,” Daisey explains. His piece critiques the way repertory acting companies were supplanted by marketing teams on theater payrolls. “I hasten to add that it is also funny,” he says.

Daisey’s Invincible Summer premiered at UTR last year, and he knows the power of a good showing there. “I finalized an American Repertory Theatre gig and took the show to Yale Rep,” he says. Other success stories include the Civilians’ Gone Missing (UTR 2005), running Off Broadway at the Barrow Street Theatre through Sun 6, and The Brothers Size (UTR 2007), which recently graduated to the Public itself.

9:07 PM