Saturday, January 19, 2008



Last night's preview went very well--the house filled up to capacity, and it was great fun to bring MONOPOLY! back up to full speed after a five month hiatus. It was very cool to feel the stories coming up under my hands moment by moment, and knowing that the whole machinery of it was humming underneath. We're working with the space in a fascinating way this time--giant windows are open to the world, so that during the show electric arc lamps visible outside stream light in, and the skyline of Seattle is visible. It is such a delight to be doing the monologue in such a compelling, living space.

Tickets are completely sold out for tonight. I can't emphasize enough that you should come early, as it is going to be a bit of a madhouse. Doors open at 7pm.

As an aside, this poster design has been somewhat controversial--it's very different from some of our other posters, and has been used around town on the same model as movie posters, with massive walls being put up with many posters together:


However, once you adopt the movie poster angle and put yourself out there, you actually start getting graffiti written on your posters, wherein people share their true, darkest feelings:


I like that someone wrote MOLESTER with the same shade of red as the poster...and that the second person appropriated that into the oldest joke in the world. Culture in action!

3:35 PM