Thursday, December 13, 2007

Will The Wall Street Journal Become USA Today?:

[He] said the Journal could begin to look like USA Today, featuring shorter articles, more pictures, graphics and human interest stories.

"What he will be hoping to do is to attract the television and Internet generations, who are reading less and less newspapers anyway, but who are interested in business," Levinson said.

"Right now The Wall Street Journal has almost a Victorian, New Yorker, magazine flavor to it," Levinson said. "That's like nothing that Murdoch does."

Newsday's Richard J. Dalton Jr. also helpfully notes that within months of News Corp.'s purchase of The Times of London, the newspaper's front page pieces started including "eye-catching photos unrelated to the stories" and news of babies being killed by dogs and jet wings cracking in midair.

Conclusion: We can be pretty sure there will be changes at the Journal.

10:16 AM