Thursday, November 01, 2007

We spent the Halloween evening at the Pumpkin Pie Show, with special guests the Peach Tartes--it was a glorious confusion of zombie burlesque, sinful delights and dirty, filthy stories.

Jean-Michele enjoying a evil Belgian brew before the show. Later a hot naked girl would steal that lollipop right out of her mouth.

Our favorite couple--a pair of cute girls in very accurate Starbuck and Number Six costumes, who cuddled together all evening during the most atrocious, filthy stories.

One of the excellent numbers from the Tartes, that often involved young women drinking blood, turning to zombies or realizing that once they cut their strings they can enjoy the pleasures of their bodies.

The evening concluded with an inspired zombie burlesque, with requisite Thriller motif, that degenerated into a hot free-for-all. Then there was pumpkin carving and further drinking. Thanks so much for inviting us, Clay and ladies--it was absolutely a blast.

12:50 AM