Monday, November 19, 2007

Gothamist: Pencil This In:

Enthralling monologuist Mike Daisey is at Joe’s Pub for the third night of a four-show residency called Great Men of Genius, in which Daisey spins his signature solo style into “bio-logues about megalomania and desire.” Tonight’s subject is Nikola Tesla, “mad genius, brilliant scientist and visionary who sparred with Thomas Edison and died insane and penniless writing love sonnets to pigeons after bringing the world electricity as we know it.” The series concludes next Monday with L. Ron Hubbard; Daisey's previous 'bio-logues' were Bertolt Brecht and P.T. Barnum. Michael Criscuolo calls it “smart, funny, engaging theatre that is not to be missed under any circumstances.”


Tonight I'll be talking about the magic and mystery of NIKOLA TESLA at Joe's Pub--I hope you can make it. Tickets are almost sold out, but still available as of now at this link here.

1:49 PM