Wednesday, November 14, 2007 - Consumer Activism is for Everyone:

On Dec 9, 2002, my husband went into Starbucks at 9642 Allisonville Road in Fishers Indiana. He told the clerk to give him his regular coffee and he was purchasing a coffee brewer for me for Christmas. The clerk pointed out the boxes, (which all look alike), my husband gave her his Starbucks card and got his coffee. He picked up what he thought was the coffee brewer, went over to the counter to put his sugar and cream into his coffee, then went to his car, parked right outside the front door. He stood there about 5 minutes after taking a cell phone call, put the box into his trunk and left. He goes into this store 4-5 days a week. 5 days later 2 police detectives come to our home, read him his rights and inform him that he had stolen a more expensive machine. They followed him to his office, took the machine, (which he then realized was the incorrect machine) and informed him they would be in touch. 2 days ago they called to inform him that a warrant for his arrest had been issued. A warrant for Class D felony theft. Today I have to take him in to pay $750.00 bond, get a mug shot and finger prints. We will have to pay an attorney $3000.00 for pre-trial fee's, and another 5-10,000 for trial. All over a simple mistake. He is in the store so often that they knew his name. That is how the police knew where to come. Now tell me this: wouldn't the normal avenue have been to simply stop my husband at any time before he left and tell him of the mistake? Does it make any sense that a person who frequents a store 4-5 days a week and people know who he is would steal? I called Starbucks Corp. and got no help there. They said it is a legal matter. My husband has lost 25 pounds since this started a month ago. His Blood Pressure was 190/86, and that is with Blood Pressure medication. I now realize that our legal system is not here to protect the innocent, but to cause as much pain as possible. PLEASE, do you have any advice?

11:46 AM