Friday, November 09, 2007

RIAA Demands Jammie Thomas Pay 'Reasoned Award' of $222,000 for Infringing 24 Music Tracks:

The Recording Industry Association of America says the $222,000 a Minnesota federal jury concluded Jammie Thomas should pay for infringing 24 copyrighted music tracks "represents a reasoned award," according to court documents filed late Thursday.

The RIAA, which also accused Thomas on Thursday of trying to "shirk her responsibility," was responding to the single mother's motion urging a Duluth, Minnesota federal judge to reduce the award amid claims it was unconstitutionally excessive.

Thomas, of Minnesota, was the nation's first pirate to face off in front of a jury against the RIAA. The bulk of the 20,000-plus copyright infringement lawsuits the RIAA has brought have settled for a fraction of what the jury said Thomas should pay.

7:23 PM