Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Headed up to Syracuse today for TONGUES WILL WAG at Redhouse--two shows this Friday and Saturday nights. If anyone has any advice about things to do in Syracuse--let me know. Tickets are sold out for one of the shows, but I believe there is a wait list, and full details are here.

Next week I'll be performing at Speakeasy Stories on Tuesday at the Cornelia Street Cafe, as will my director, wife and co-collaborator Jean-Michele Gregory. I don't know what story she's telling, but odds are our stories will contradict deliciously, and then there will be a knife fight. Joy! You can find out more here.

Finally, I'll be performing my first ever HOLIDAY SHOW this December at the Brooklyn Public Library as part of their performance series. It's called CHRISTMAS: FRIEND OR FOE? and happens on December 15th at 7pm. The library is describing the show in this way:

"Master storyteller Mike Daisey holds forth on the secret nature of gifting frenzies, flying fat men, and the collision of mania, decadence, and celebration that marks the end of every year."

I was drunk when I told them this, but I stand by it--I have great enthusiasm and respect for the idea of the holiday show, and every year there's a certain story I make a point of telling at a small venue around NYC concerning the holidays. This show will contain that story and tons more--I'm actually giddily excited about the entire enterprise. Tickets are cheap, and full details are available here, and the SmartTix link is here.

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