Friday, November 09, 2007

Those who have seen my show INVINCIBLE SUMMER will be familiar with these meetings with the MTA--here are details from the latest one, which happened yesterday:

Gothamist: Public Says "No Fare Hike" at MTA Hearings:

The Manhattan public hearing reminded of us Festivus, or at least its "public airing of grievances" aspect, but we don't want to trivialize the meeting's importance - MTA officials, who included MTA Chairman Dale Hemmerdinger, NYC Transit Authority President Howard Roberts, and other MTA board members, must hear from the public during these occasions, if not on a regular basis. In fact, the MTA officials would seem like they are interested in hearing from public if they didn't look so bored when people were speaking (dudes - and they were all men at the Manhattan meeting - we know you had a long day, but come on!).

2:50 PM