Friday, August 24, 2007

Tonight is our last night at the Noorderzon Festival in the Netherlands--it's been a marvelous adventure here. It's a magical festival--a full-on arts celebration that hasn't lost its popular touch. Artists mingle with everybody, installations are going up everywhere in friendly chaos, there are no beer gardens because you can go where you like with your drinks--it's very freeing. Here are a few photos of what's going on-


This is the Spiegeltent during tech, one of the loveliest examples I've ever seen. I'm performing on a small stage in this 18th century tent, lit only by tiny incandescent units that make it feel almost exactly like candlelight. It's shockingly intimate--maybe one of the most interesting spaces I've ever performed in.


This is the main clock tower in the center of town. The bells on the churches here toll every hour, even in the dead of night, just as they must have hundreds of years ago.


This is my traveling companion and director, who is hot and tired from the sun and from drinking in aforementioned Spiegeltent.


This is the best "pick up your dog litter" graffiti I have ever seen.

Tomorrow morning we leave the festival, finishing up this grand tour of Europe--in the last two weeks we've been to London, Paris, and now this festival, and next we're headed to Prague over the weekend and finishing up in Amsterdam.

Off to the show. If you're coming this evening, stick around and we'll have a drink.

11:31 AM