Friday, August 03, 2007

Charles Simic - Poet Laureate - New York Times:

Charles Simic, a writer who juxtaposes dark imagery with ironic humor, is to be named the country’s 15th poet laureate by the Librarian of Congress today.


Simic is one of my favorite writers, and I couldn't be more pleased. Years ago I had him as a teacher, and the older I get the more I think I learned from him. Here's his latest, what I often thought was his greatest, and his essays and memoirs are also quite haunting.


A dog trying to write a poem on why he barks,
That’s me, dear reader!
They were about to kick me out of the library
But I warned them,
My master is invisible and all-powerful.
Still, they kept dragging me out by my tail.

From My Turn To Confess by Charles Simic

10:08 AM