Monday, June 04, 2007

You can send her a card:

Paris Hilton #9818783
Century Regional Detention Facility
11705 S. Alameda Street
Lynwood, CA 90262

The following items are not allowed to be received through the mail:

-Food or cosmetic items
-Stationery, blank envelopes, envelopes with metal clasps, postage stamps, envelops with gang or suggestive drawings/art work
-Cash, personal or second party checks, traveler’s checks, payroll checks
-A single money order exceeding the $200 limit
-Blank money orders (money orders must be signed and made payable to the inmate)
-Non U.S. Post Office out-of-state money orders (out-of-state money orders must be from the U.S. Post Office)
-Musical, plastic, plastic covered, blank, greeting or post cards larger than 6”x9”
-Identification card or facsimiles
-Paper clips, staples, pens, pencils, glitter, stickers, glued or gummed labels
-Rosary beads, balloons, string bracelets, or other jewelry items
-Lottery tickets or prepaid telephone cards
-Cellophane tape or any type of tape on letters

6:19 PM