Friday, June 08, 2007

I am halfway through previews, and it is getting really hard. Two nights ago was Brecht, last night was Barnum, and today it's Tesla--and while I have done my homework, there is so much to do to summon up the stories and keep them in the front of mind. There's so much material that JM and I are on a strictly regimented schedule--we do notes every night for the show that just happened, and I implement the notes immediately, because then I have to set that monologue down and pick up the next one. It's really a kind of madness--it is so complicated, switching and re-switching, that I am shocked to some degree that it is working. It is getting steadily harder to stay ahead of the curve, and since the work is not memorized I have to remain extremely mindful of my energy, as we have to make the whole escapade happen in real time in front of the audience.

On Sunday the whole thing happens united together, the culmination of all this work--and the official opening for GREAT MEN OF GENIUS here. Provided I survive Sunday, I should have more observations on the entire process.

For everyone in my life wondering where I am: this is where I am. I apologize for all the late emails and phone calls, and I will try to catch up with all of you early next week.

7:19 PM