Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Smooth Pebbles : Farewell to Seed SciBlog -- and Why I Don't Blog So Much Lately:

Underlying that, to be quite honest, are increasing doubts about the wisdom of me spending time blogging. I have often found it fun, and a couple times blogging led me to stories I wouldn't otherwise have discovered or developed. But -- for me, anyway -- blogging has not proven a productive or deeply engaging way to write about science or the other things I care and know about enough to write about. For subjects with depth, the form feels too ephemeral (and doesn't pay well enough) to warrant extensive effort. For subjects with little depth ... well, why bother? I can see the attraction to the small-talk aspect of blogging, just as I can see the attraction to cocktail parties. But who has the time? Was a time I had the time, or thought I did. Now I don't feel I do.

11:28 PM