Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's opening day. Frequent readers will know that this is akin to a holiday in our lives--a holiday you work for, which means when it comes out right you really feel that you've earned it. I feel rested up and recovered from INVINCIBLE SUMMER, and my notes for MONOPOLY! are in as much order as they are going to get.

From here it is a toboggan ride: we tech at noon for four hours, when we'll set all the lights and make many important decisions relentlessly, one after another, until there are no more to make. Then I'll probably take another walk, sit on the stage in the space and take everything in one last time, and then pull the trigger. It's funny--I know this story well, and in a week I'll be going through the same thing magnified immensely as I open TONGUES WILL WAG for the very first time. But for today, I'm not thinking about that.

If you're in the greater Boston area, come on down and see what happens.

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11:21 AM