Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tonight's the night--we do TONGUES WILL WAG for the very first time. I can't think of a better way to end our residency at ART than this, nor a more exhilarating, terrifying one--it is always this way, tempered a little by the experience of having gone through it 9 times before with other monologues.

I got a lot of work done yesterday, but much remains to be shaped this morning and afternoon--the principal outline is pretty fuzzy, even at this point, and huge discoveries happened yesterday that upended much of the structure that had been growing in my mind. That sounds negative, but many disruptions are bigger than that, and so was this one--I'm grateful for the new insights, which leaped out of a conversation with Jean-Michele, and I feel certain at this hour that it's a deeper, richer choice.

I regret how vague this all sounds--it's hidden from me as well, I swear. It should all be much clearer after tonight. Please feel free, if you're in the Boston area, to come on down for the birthing.

10:28 AM