Sunday, March 11, 2007

Seattlest: Donuts for All!:

So when we moved here, we missed having a Dunkin' Donuts on every block, for in the above-mentioned towns they are as plentiful as Thai and Teryaki joints are in Seattle. We quickly resigned ourselves to the notion that Seattle just isn't much of a donut town. Rather, we are much more of a scone town, a place of effete pastries. Seattlest loves all manner of crumbly, buttery, and uppity pastries and we love stumbling upon little places that sell great pastries. Sometimes, however, we just want a god-damned donut. We want to walk into a place that smells of used partially-hydrogenated oil. It has old men installed in the corner talking about The War --dubya dubya two... the Big One-- while wearing their adorable VFW hats. Finally, the parking lot is filled with off-duty taxis as their drivers take a coffee break inside.

3:22 PM