Monday, March 05, 2007

Okay, Now What’s Your Top 1000? » Review This Online:

Mike works in our catalog department (managing all the data that helps you find what you're looking for here), and he's been at Amazon long enough to have been a running character ("msmith") in Mike Daisey's Net-boom classic, 21 Dog Years (choice quote: "Smith was the meanest, most sardonic person in the class, so I had naturally gravitated toward him. Mean people keep you warm."). He's my favorite person here to talk about books with outside of our books team, and he has turned me on to recent gems like A High Wind in Jamaica and Father and Son. (And he's not really that mean.) Unlike us, he's not consumed by reading as many new releases as he can, so he's free to wade knee-deep in the classics. He'll be contributing regularly (we hope) to the blog, so welcome, Mike.

10:12 PM