Wednesday, March 07, 2007

la Ketch: Must Luv Dogs:

I got an e-mail to the dog run address from a dog run user who was very agitated. She had just come from the dog run where a Hasidic Male had approached her and engaged her in conversation about her dog (what breed, age, etc.). Then, as she was leaving the dog run, he asked if he could pet her dog. She said sure. So he was petting the dog and she looked down and he had his hand on the dog's gentiles, fondling them. He was molesting her dog!

Now did anyone catch the typo?

When she sent me this e-mail she wrote "gentiles" INSTEAD of "genitals" but I didn't catch it and I forwarded it on to the entire group, like 80 people. Some people caught it and wrote back accusing me of perpetuating an anti-Semitic hoax.

Can you even believe that this is happening? That I spent like two days in the middle of an anti-Semitic, dog molesting Internet scandal? You can not make this shit up people. I had to send out an apology e-mail explaining the mistake and then it turned into this big deal...

10:59 AM