Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'll be performing this evening at the unfortunately named Comix, though fortunately the company I'm keeping is delightful:

8 pm, March 13th, Fresh Meat with Catie Lazarus at Comix, 353 West
14th Street (East of 9th Ave) $10*. Buy online
or 212.524.2500. Fresh Meat with Catie Lazarus (Daily Show, Fox) stars
Laurie Kilmartin (Vh1 Best Week Ever, Jimmy Kimmel Live), Mike Daisey
(Late Night with David Letterman, NPR's Day to Day, Author of 21 Dog
Years), Becky Drysdale (HBO, Show One Woman in Several Pieces, UCB,
Second City), Paula Froelich (New York Post) and Sherrod Small (VH1
Best Week Ever). In the first half, the best stand up, stories, short
films, sketch and in the second half, the stars share their worst
experiences in the biz and first jokes (or whatever made them special
snowflakes) Plus, a "press conference" a Q and A with the audience!

Only $5 with the promo code "MEAT313" for BEST FRESH MEAT EVER

Hope to see you there.

8:06 PM