Sunday, March 18, 2007

David Byrne Journal: 3.5.07: Big Love (Spotting session):

These jarring juxtapositions are beautiful. In some ways they make what we consider homes, offices, bars — anything that can be turned into a set — seem completely hollow and superficial; they are mirrors of the real that make the real in turn seem fake. As if our comfortable notions of what constitutes the spaces that make up our lives are just made out of a familiar play of colors and shapes upon our retinas. Well, in some ways of course that’s all our visual reality is, but we think of some of those spaces as “real” and we feel they are filled with the stuff of our real lived lives — but they are no different than these carefully faked copies. Especially out here where the built landscape is made of structures that are barely made to outlast a movie set. The mental dislocation is a wonderful feeling. It’s somehow liberating.

3:27 PM