Saturday, March 10, 2007

The California Wars: "We Do So Also Read!" - Gawker:

The uproar comes in the wake of a report in LAObserved saying that the L.A. Times' is planning to shrink their book review, which has been a stand-alone section for 30 years, and fold it into a 12-page opinion supplement that comes out on Saturdays as a tabloid. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the news "set readers on edge."

An article in the Wall Street Journal said the change was a sign of things to come--and that the only book review in the country that will not be affected is the one that comes in the New York Times. The other ones--published by the Chronicle, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, and the San Diego Union-Tribune--are expected to suffer because publishing houses are spending their promotional dollars on prominent display shelves at Barnes & Noble instead of ad space.

So the Westerners are mad. New York may be the publishing capital of the world, they say, but that doesn't mean the great state of California is illiterate. No, really!

3:37 PM