Saturday, March 24, 2007

BlogChelsea » Mike Daisey, Chelsea, NY, NYC, New York, 10011:

Mike Daisey, in a hilarious and brilliant talk, raved about computers, Steve Jobs and vibrators for about an hour at Tekserve last night.


Not only are we addicted to having the newest technology, but, “There is nothing on earth that works less well than a computer.”  He compared computers to the most basic of home appliances, the vibrator.  “The Wahl 9000 is a marvelous instrument.  It never crashed.  It never blue screened.  Off, low and high are each what you expect it to be.  Every time.  And I don’t have a special sleeve for it.  We throw it under the bed.”  After encouraging us all to get one, he said that computers are basically unstable.

“Computers are not appliances.  They are environments, a playground for making shit happen.  You can do things the creator of them never even thought of,” he said.  He compared them to an abusive relationship, where your partner, who is creative and wonderful, just sometimes, for no known reason, completely freaks out.  Computers are so complicated you can’t really know what is going on.  And your pour your whole life into them.

11:30 AM