Monday, March 12, 2007

Behind The Scenes At The 'Jane' Boob Shoot - Gawker:

I eavesdrop on conversations while waiting for the unfriendly black hotties to finish flashing their boobs to Brooke, the photographer.

Crisis! Heather doesn't want to stay until 5:00. She wants to leave at 3:00.
The plan? Heather calls the remaining girls to ask them to come earlier.
Crisis! There are only "about 30" girls. They may need more.
The plan? Heather, another Jane staffer (didn't catch her name), and Brooke call their friends.
Crisis! Heather is lonely, bored, etc....
The plan? Heather calls her sister, a student at Pace, and asks her to stop by. In this conversation, I learn that Heather's parents "winter" in Miami. Also, that Heather is the kind of person who uses "winter" as a verb.

After the three hotties bare their boobs, it's my turn. The waiting area and the shooting area are small and separated only by mismatched curtains. While sitting in the waiting area, you could catch of glimpse of boobage if you positioned yourself in the right spot.

12:43 PM