Friday, February 23, 2007

Red Velvet Cake « Trench Doc:

Trenchy: “and you have been off your medicines?”

Patient: (dead serious) “I don’t like them thangs, they make my mouth dry and my p***y dry too… (embarrassed laughter).”

Trenchy: “okaayy” (to patient’s mother) “hello mam, is this how she usually gets when she is off her medicine?”

Mother: “Lawd No, she’s like this even with the medicine… but what worried us so was she said she was gonna poison us, and she’s got a baby at home that I’m worried she might hurt it… she’s been real bad since she’s had that baby. She just can’t handle it.”

Patient: “I aint hurting my baby… I just said I’m gonna poison them rats (more impish laughter) and I did poison them rats, haha, and then they all ran off.”

Mother: “What do you mean… we don’t have rats?” (to me) “she keeps talking about rats but we don’t have no rats… I think she is seeing things this time.”

Patient: “NO MAMMA, them rats at the reunion… I killed them all.”

11:23 PM