Friday, February 02, 2007 On Producing: Aisling Arts Works a 12 Step Method:

My theater company, Aisling Arts, has just opened a work of staggering staggering-ness called FORCE (a trilogy) at the Chocolate Factory in Long Island City which I am ostensibly writing this epistle to promote. It’s an original play told in three segments (Wanderlust, Threshold, Convergence) and is about six hours long, although you can see it in more humane stretches if you so desire. It’s been called “the best new American play of the season” which is mighty flattering, especially given its grand scope. But setting out to make over six hours of theater isn’t exactly something I went into the project knowing how to do.

So here’s the fundamental question: how does a theater company run by two women (one of whom is due to give birth five days after we close) make six hours of theater on a budget of about $2500?

3:47 AM