Saturday, February 03, 2007

Among the Savages: 500 Slices of Raisin Toast:

A couple of lifetimes ago, when my friends and I were running this six person theatre group in the woods on Maine (note - if one ever decides to be crazy enough to run a six person theatre group, the woods of Maine is not the best location unless one enjoys performing for squirrels and mosquitos), and living in a cabin with no heat or electricity and with running water hooked up from an outdoor hose...

Anyway, one of the cabins at this place was used for storing junk - not the cabin we were sleeping in, but another cabin, which was also used for storing junk. And someone had spray painted something like "David McNeil sat here and ate 500 slices of raisin toast." And for some reason that was one of the funniest phrases in the world, along with "hand painted dogs."

1:32 PM