Tuesday, January 30, 2007

tiny nibbles - violet blue:

I am friends with many pornographers and porn stars; they often want me to blog about their newest movies, etc. Late last year I said, sure, I like the video, can I have some still images for a blog post? They sent them in a FedEx pack of disks. Included was the 2257 CD -- and on it were scans and photos of each performer's state ID (or passport), Social Security cards (often held in a photo next to their faces), and forms including their real names and real addresses. I became the proud owner of everything someone would ever need to steal their identities, stalk and harass, blackmail, whatever. It freaked me the fuck out to even have that in my house. And the performers have no idea I have that -- they probably have no idea how many people have access to their personal information under this bizarrely executed law. But hey -- think the DoJ cares about what happens to porn stars? Most vulnerable, of course are female performers -- when 2257 went into effect, performer Kami Andrews got a pile of fan mail at her home and a few lurkers in her driveway. Can't they come up with a better way of "protecting the children"?

10:46 AM