Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A note from my friend James Wallis--it bears noting that the caption on the photo is not mine, and came with the copy of the image I found.

A quick note about that "Secure beneath the watchful eyes" poster you put up on your blog today.

It's not a "British government" poster, it was issued by London Transport and the Mayor of London. It says that on the poster.

It is from 2002.

It relates specifically to security cameras on London buses. You know, like the one that those Islamic terrorists blew up. Because it would be nice if that happens less often. (The IRA blew up a London bus in 1996, killing 3. Don't forget that the IRA detonated three bombs in London in 2001, the last one a month before 9/11. We have good reason to be wary of nutters with bombs.)

Other than that, spot on.

All said, I still thinks its a strange choice for a subway poster, as it evokes 1984 so clearly it seems almost to be a poorly-timed joke. Hint: If anyone wants to get me a copy of this poster, it'd make a very welcome present.

11:45 AM