Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bob Peyton of 9th Street Espresso was trained in Seattle.

Espresso’s New Wave Hits Town - New York Times:

YOU might first notice the guy behind the counter with the pirate-worthy tattoos or the chromed-out espresso machine he’s operating. Your attention might be momentarily drawn to the name of the beans he’s using — like Agrica BV Calama Marka or Platinum Blonde: The Rowdy Gals’ Espresso Blend.

But at the best cafes in New York — like Café Grumpy in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, or Gimme! Coffee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn — it’s the coffee itself that will grab you.

Most espresso drinks in this country are made with over-roasted blends on “super automatic” machines that leave little control to the person operating them and turn out anonymous brews.

At cafes that are part of what some call the artisanal coffee movement the drinks reflect an obsession with each detail of the journey from farm to cup and an almost cultish pride in the results.

8:37 AM