Friday, August 18, 2006

tiny nibbles - violet blue:

Snakes on a Plane opens today (friday) -- I shall now brag that I am going to a private screening in a rented movie theater with an open bar to see it. w00t! I have no date for this event -- I have a date with the motherfucking snakes! I will take photos until alcohol impairs my motor functions, and then I will take video. Why? Because it is *the* gift that keeps on giving. Bad movies on contrived premises, heckling, whiskey and beer and possible weeping/model plane glue huffing will be the order of the day. It will be friday night and I will film anyone who gives me a titty flash. Chances are high that the crazy tit flasher will be myself, in which case I will film it, upload it in a reckless drunken stupor while screaming "snaaakes" at my Apple cinema display until my gay downstairs neighbors flee for the 'quiet' neighborhood leather bars, and then I'll feel betrayed and hurt and angry at myself in the morning (AGAIN), at which point I will email the link to all my friends who are so tired of seeing my boobies they could probably draw them in their sleep. That's my big friday night plan.

11:19 AM