Monday, August 28, 2006

Sex Drugs and DNA Blog » Blog Archive » Is the Department of Homeland Security serving the public or saving face?:

I recently received a letter from the Department of Homeland Security at work asking us to change the graphics on our website They believe we have infringed on their “intellectual property” because we used logos and graphics that were similar to those used on their site. (That was part of the point we were making) Their complaint was specifically that we were using the grey word “ready” with a green checkmark over it. I am totally serious. That is what they spend their time on. One year after Katrina and they still don’t have a quality emergency preparedness website for the public, but have time to quibble over who used their check mark and the word “ready.”

Today we announced that we have altered the graphics to please the petty bureaucrats and keep people talking about how woefully inadequate and misleading the Department of Homeland Security’s emergency preparedness website is and force them to fix it. Our full response can be found HERE.

9:46 PM