Saturday, August 12, 2006

New York Hack: Just a regular night:

I got stuck behind a few cars at the red light, and this guy decided that it was a good time to put his car in park and get out so he could yell at me some more through my closed passenger side window. I just kept smiling at him until I saw him reel back and punch the window. It didn't break, but it definitely got my attention. Now I was a little nervous.

I wasn't sure if he was gonna try to get in the cab through the back or what, so I figured it was the most prudent thing to do to lock all the doors. The light was still red and no one was moving so I had no escape. After he punched the window, he began reaching into the front of his pants.

This was when I really started to get scared as I thought he might be reaching for a gun. I already had the camera out and managed to take a shaky picture, thinking, "Fuck. Okay, I guess this is really it," but then I saw that, instead of a gun, he pulled out his dick. Unfortunately, my camera didn't capture it in all its shriveled glory.

6:52 PM