Friday, August 25, 2006


Bog Face: GORKA!

I'm trying to post pictures from our Moscow trip but Blogger isn't letting me. Also, so far my mom has only sent photos of the "here we are posed in front of this crappy wall in our wedding* finery" variety rather than the "here we are shouting "GORKA! GORKA! while my newly converted Russian Orthodox son 'Kyrill' kisses his bride under St. Basil's cathedral in Red Square" type. Gorka means bitter and it's what you shout at a Russian wedding when you want the couple to make out as in "oh life is so bitter, please sweeten it for all of us by making out." FW and I knew about it from Mayakovsky's play The Bedbug so it was thrilling to actually get to shout it in real life, as thrilling as it was to be a member of a wedding party parading through Red Square and drinking champagne on a gorgoeus and breezy Sunday afternoon.

Right now FW and I are going to the Donut House to get our bearings, but I'll try to post some pictures when Blogger is working again and I can get the good ones from my mom. The wedding began at noon and for FW and I ended with a 5 a.m. breakfast of chicken cutlets and cherry juice. In between there was a lot of dancing, endless speeches, a duet by Tania and Carl, a bizarre wedding game in which I was forced to watch a lovely woman with gigantic boobs take off FW's tie with her teeth (I saw my mom taking a picture of that where the hell is that picture?!). Eventually there was a run-in with the face control thug at a Barrikadnaya club who, in the poorly translated version of this evening, prevented FW from entering by saying, "That little boy in the costume is too drunk to come in."

His comeback, in the original English, was "I'm not as drunk as I've ever been."

2:04 AM