Friday, May 12, 2006

Article in this month's Brooklyn Rail all about the GREAT MEN OF GENIUS series, and our work in general.

The Brooklyn Rail - A Great Man Of Genius: Mike Daisey at Galapagos:

“I love technology,” declares actor Mike Daisey, “but I love even more the definition of technology which is not complicating things, but using the tools to do what you actually want to do.” That might explain why, though Daisey has an abiding fascination with the technological (he writes for Wired and has examined the dot-com boom, the New York City subway system, and inventor Nikola Tesla in his solo performance shows) he sees no contradiction in performing on a nearly-bare stage with no props to speak of. His vision of technology, he says, is simply “tools that are used to do a job effectively.”
2:12 AM