Thursday, May 11, 2006

And David Mamet Is Telling You He’s Not Fucking Going - Gawker:

Playbill reports that foul-mouthed artiste David Mamet’s first-ever musical with have its world premiere this June. A Waitress in Yellowstone, “the story of the title service worker who, on the eve of her trip to the national park to celebrate her son’s 10th birthday, discovers a Congressman stealing her tips and reports him to the police,” will close the Los Angeles Center theater Group’s season. No word yet on any Broadway action, but with songs like, “Could I Have The Fucking Check, Please?” “Everything’s Coming Up Fuckin’ Ruthie,” and “You Know What You Get When You Steal a Tip? You Get Fucked in the Ass (Reprise)” how could it not be a candidate?

3:42 PM