Friday, April 14, 2006

Grendel Base:

I have been in detention for the last two days, trying to get into the US from Canada. I have been rejected on the basis of apparently being a spreader/carrier of `obscene and communist political extremist` material (total bullshit) based on the following:

- T-shirts: Feindflug `Volk und Armee`, Combichrist `Enjoy the Abuse`, one depicting a Kolasjnikov gun and some rockabilly shirts by Monster & Felon.

- CD`s: Suicide Commando, Leaetherstrip `Suicide Bombers` and two Laibach CDs.

- Lyrics sheet of Grendel. Didn`t include the band name or titles, so they probably thought it was speech or something.

I was not even asked about these, but simply accused right there an then of having these on me to spread/sell. All of this was for my personal use, the t-shirts had all been used previously and the CD`s were only with the corresponding booklets, one original of each, in my CD folder. Also, I didn`t realise the cold war was still going on.. Can you say: Good night & good luck?

5:18 PM