Sunday, April 09, 2006

The review of Tesla is up!

Great Men of Genius Debriefing #3: Nikola Tesla
You get the feeling that Daisey is coming to new conclusions and realizations all the time, right there on stage—that his delving into the minds of these men is never complete, and that it’s deepening before your eyes. (Though Daisey claims he’s no longer a geek, he has a picture of a MacBook Pro booting Windows XP on his website, and if he’s in the 0.64% of the population who thinks that’s in any way interesting or noteworthy, he’s definitely a geek, but in a good way.)

Hah! I'm totally busted.

Tonight ends the series with L. Ron Hubbard—I'm offline the rest of the day, but come on down this evening to see the show.

3:45 PM