Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Metroblogging NYC: Dear Williamsburg,:

I hope you'll forgive me for all those years of mocking, because now I'm so in love with you it's silly. I thought I'd miss tacos when I left LA, but you have great tacos and great bagels and pizza and sushi and coffee and wine, and it's all on the short walk between my apartment and the subway. It's not just the food, though! I love the buckets of flowers outside my deli, and the way all the buildings look against the gray winter sky, and I love that the bar around the corner sometimes serves hot cider with rum. I love the little clothing store where everything I tried on actually fit. I love my friendly landlord and my big apartment and its slanty floor.

I don't know what I was thinking a few years ago, hating the hipsters. Now, I want to hug them all. This afternoon the arty/indie boys were cuter than ever, walking to the subway in their hoodies in the rain. In my iPod-fueled daydreams they're checking me out, too, and they're *this* close to inviting me to their band's next show.

2:02 AM