Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Blogger Creates a Blogger for a Trip Back to 2004 - New York Times:

Melanie is in love with something that weighs only a few ounces: the BlackBerry hand-held computer that accompanies her everywhere. Melanie grips it and gazes at it incessantly. The book never explains how she avoids walking into walls.

The BlackBerry in "Dog Days" is more than just a shamelessly promoted product. It is a symbol, too. It represents the glib, facile, cynical, artificial and calculating values amid which Melanie finds herself as she wags the dog in Washington as a 28-year-old minor political operative working on the 2004 Democratic presidential campaign. The author sincerely thanks the Kerry-Edwards team, which did not need enemies with her for a friend.

1:24 AM