Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Hazards of Revealing You Don't Want Kids:

Editor Todd Seavey, 36, is vehemently opposed to having children. He feels so strongly about it that he had a vasectomy at 26. “If I bring it up on the first date, it can be off-putting. If I bring it up a few months into the relationship, there are hurt feelings. Even waiting a week or so can result in the person feeling angry and betrayed. Basically, you’re doomed.”

He thinks the best tack is to bring it up before the first date, so there is no confusion. “But even if you bring it up in advance, go on at great length about your philosophical reasons, tell them you got a vasectomy you would never reverse, and tell them you’re more likely to convert to Christianity or communism than have children, women still think you’ll come around.”

1:57 AM