Monday, September 12, 2005

Yesterday was unexpectedly sweet. The procession of the Virgin came right down the street in front of our home.


Earlier in the day we saw them release white balloons from the church which flew up and silently out over Manhattan. I thought to myself that the winds had shifted—four years ago they had been blowing toward Carroll Gardens, not away.

That night we ate on Montague Street at Theresa's, and when I got a coffee at the Starbucks I saw that Starbucks even uses their graphical design prowess on their publicly mandated "In Case of Choking" signs:


Then we headed down to the promenade to watch the skyline.


For 34 years I lived with you and came to love you. I came to you because I loved theater and found theater everywhere I looked. I fled New England and came to Manhattan, that island off the coast of America, where human nature was king and everyone exuded character and had big attitude. You gave me a sense of humor because you are so absurd.

Spalding Gray, in the Times yesterday.

11:18 PM