Saturday, September 24, 2005

Almost forgot to post this, in the hustle and bustle of the last few days—Law and Order took over my street. Sadly, it wasn't classic Law and Order, but instead one of its pathetic, later-day clones.

They were all over the church across the street, so expect a serious "oh no, the priests are molesting again!" storyline this season.


It was absolute chaos, from morning to night—and the crews, with their amazing gaggles of people, stood all over the street, talking on cell phones and walkie talkies and Blackberries and homing pigeons, often with people one street over.

Directly across the street from us is where they put the stars.

Yes, this is indeed a bad picture of Vincent "Batshit Crazy" D'Onofrio, shortly before he hits another assistant. He has a phone glued to his head. A number of people who have worked for the L&O franchise have confirmed that he regularly rewrites the scripts if any ideas are presented that don't come from him—he holds up production as he scribbles, and then they do his "masterful" new script. Watch the show—it explains a hell of a lot. And don't worry, you only need to watch one episode to see what I'm talking about.

Thank goodness they got Chris Noth...I suspect they are hoping to transition out of using FUCKED UP CRAZY DUDE and over to someone else ho can carry the show.

For the record, it was OK having them here for about three hours...but since they stayed three days, they wore thin.
1:59 AM