Monday, September 19, 2005

5 out of 5 stars

Part 9 of Reviews of cds I found in Boscos car

, August 4, 2005

Reviewer: Howard Tuttleman..., Lover of the Arts, Teenage Genious, Master Critic (Ferndale, MI) -

Well, this is the finale of a triple trilogy of reviews. If you don't know the story behind all of this you lose. Let's get this over with so I can eat lunch. I have been reviewing straight since I woke up!
Ok...the cd player won't work. It's probably because of that Saturday Morning cd that messed up before. I may have to go back and dock that album points for this.
As I'm not in the spirit of giving up I will review this cd based on the only song I remember from it and that is You Can Call Me Al. Well, I remember it was really catchy and it was about Al being in a strange place. Let's say... New Delhi. And when Al is in New Delhi he meets a girl who he names Betty. I like the idea that you can just call people whatever you like. Ok, I'm trying to remember the song but I have that Australian Down Under song stuck in my head. Let's look at the cd. On the cover there's a strange drawing of a man on a horse with a spear. I think he may be Caligula. Now I am going to try to piece together what the album is about by the song titles.
Al (we already know his name) grew up in a bubble. One day he decides to travel off to see Graceland where he meets Elvis Presely. Elvis Presely is onto Al's game in "I know what I know" and sends him on his way claiming that Al just wanted to latch onto his success. Al is down-and-out. So much so he sings about the desperate situation of his foot-ware. Finaly, he meets his opposite. A girl with diamonds on the soles of her shoes. He's greatly impressed. This is where he tells her his name is Al and that her name is Betty. Al offers that Betty can be his body-guard, and I assume he means she can buy him dinner. (now that I read the titles, I guess in You Can Call Me Al they are in Africa and not New Delhi because track 7 is Under African Skies) Al and Betty travel to Africa where people don't look down upon Al for his rivalry with Elvis Presely. All the way he sings songs to Betty about the days before she was around when he was homeless, and now that she has saved him he is crazy in love with her. So much he could fill TWO volumes of books up with words about it. Sadly in the end, Betty realizes that Al only likes her for her money and because she takes care of him, so she tells him it's not her he wants, but his mother. Al travels the world searching for his long lost mother who dissapeared long ago and didn't even leave a finger-print.
In conclusion, I really like the song You Can Call Me Al and I don't see why they would put bad songs on an album with that amazing song, so I'll give this album 5 stars by default. Later.

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