Saturday, September 10, 2005


Star Gazing - Unearthing the underworld of celebrity photography:

Browarnik makes his way back to me, beaming. I nudge him in the direction of a striking blonde attempting to swallow the tongue of a well-known star—who is most definitely not her "official" paramour. Browarnik takes a sidelong glance and simply shrugs, keeping his camera at his side. It's a moment tailor-made for the gossip pages, yet Browarnik doesn't appear titillated. "You're not going to take that picture?" I ask.

He rolls his eyes: "My whole career is based on trust. If I took a shot like that, my reputation would be tarnished. Over!"

"What if you saw a shot the tabloids would pay a million dollars for? You could be set for life in five minutes."

"I'd rather make that million dollars the right way, by becoming friends with the celebrities, getting them comfortable, taking the picture whenever they're ready. I've worked too long to throw it all away for one shot."

"You've never even been tempted?"

Browarnik has just enough time to stare back incredulously before running off again. Gwen Stefani has arrived.

1:32 PM