Sunday, August 14, 2005

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the closing of THE UGLY AMERICAN—it was a long run, and I couldn't imagine a nicer closing after so much work. Of particular note is that Brad Olsen, my high school English teacher, came to the show—we hadn't seen each other since graduation, and it was great going out with him, meeting his wife and his friends, who made the trek up to see the show.


Young, isn't he? It's amazing—when he taught me, i believe he was 22 or so, so there's only about five years between us. Now, after all this time, it feels like we're the same age. Remarkable how time levels so many things, which was actually a sub-theme in the monologue, playing out in real-time after the show.

Tonight's performance of MONOPOLY! is totally sold out. There is a wait list, so show up to the theater early and they'll do the best they can to accommodate folks. I'm very excited to remount the monologue—we've done some good work on it, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it flies after being down for five months.
1:59 PM