Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Not very much blogging hereabouts--it just hasn't been a priority. We're working on MONOPOLY! now, with the last weekend of THE UGLY AMERICAN beginning tomorrow night--it's hard to believe that our five month tour will be coming to an end. Hard to believe, but we're thankful for it nevertheless, because we've been running on monologues nonstop since (wait for it...) NOVEMBER. This is the overriding reason why a break is not just good sense--it's essential if we want to keep working well. Or at all.

We're rallying for the final week, though--JM is reviewing MONOPOLY! now, and we made substantial revisions to THE UGLY AMERICAN last week in performance. It made for an extremely hard week, but I'm very pleased with the results.

Had a long talk today with Paul Boutin--a very genial fellow, great conversationalist. He mentioned to me this Josh Levin piece on the connections between rappers and bloggers, which I missed the first time around but am glad to have reread now.

I'm a little under the weather this evening, so we're taking it easy at Chez Daisey, resting up for more work tomorrow.
11:36 PM