Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Got an email this morning that Sheila's play CRUMBLE (LAY ME DOWN, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE) will be done in Berkeley this fall by Impact Theater. Having met a few Impact folks, I applaud them for their fine taste.

Is anyone else following this Google mess? Basically it goes like this: a reporter does a story in which she demonstrates that one can use Google to find out lots of stuff about people, namely the CEO of Google. Google's reaction to a story on the use OF THEIR OWN TECHNOLOGY? They blacklist CNET for a year. This is a pretty incredibly stupid move, and has ensured first that everyone and their brother has read the original article, which is barely salacious, if that, and also has ensured that a nice chunk of Google's warm and fuzziness has been burned away. Just stupid across the board.


Finally, I found this worth viewing: it's simply a lot of people giving themselves orgasms, with the camera focused on their faces. Naturally this is NSFW, and it comes with a soundtrack that I found irritating--I much preferred to turn my sound off and watch the film without it. I was struck by how uniform the facial expressions actually were, and the concentration required--for some reason that makes me inordinately happy.
12:59 PM