Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Scotty has been beamed up. R.I.P., James Doohan.

Status report: tech begins in earnest this evening, and the show is really starting to look good: we've worked over the first act with a finetoothed comb, pulling sections, tearing things apart and generally leaving no stone unturned. We do Act Two this afternoon.

Thanks to all who have already written about my maladies. The good news is that the hives are pretty much gone, and my neck is no longer cricked, but is instead "incredibly sore, but functional" which should make it a lot easier to get through the day.

Haven't had a chance do digest my views on Roberts--that's the perils of tech week for you.

Now we're off to Berkeley Bowl, which in many ways is one of the meccas of Berkeley--I think they have 20 kinds of each type of produce, I swear to God.
1:29 PM